How to Choose the Best Stay and Play Golf Packages in Michigan

Choosing hotels can become difficult, especially when you have preferences like a golf course. But, if you are planning for a golf vacation in Michigan, it’s no big deal. Golf vacations in Michigan are more accessible than you think it is. 
But, whether you go on a golf trip alone or with your family, various hotels provide customized packages, amongst which it can become confusing for you to choose the best. We are here to help you choose the best stay and play packages Michigan.

Tips To Consider While Choosing Stay & Play Golf Packages

Here are some tips that you might consider while looking for the options to stay and play golf:

  • Create your budget – The first step usually consists of choosing the place, but since you have already decided to be in Michigan, you need to fix a budget that will help you list the hotels available. 
  • Choosing the best public golf courses – The list has excellent public golf courses included in the best stay and play packages Michigan. There are numerous deals in these packages available for all experience levels. Some of the top-rated golf courses of Michigan are – Bucks Run Golf Club, Tullymore Golf Resort, Treetops resort. 

They are beautifully groomed and have top-notch services, on-site dining options, and many other perks that might interest you. You should do a good amount of research about the amenities they provide before you choose the best golf resort package.

  • Best lodging facilities – This is also an important point to consider, especially when you holiday. Michigan believes in and supports a healthy tourism industry. 

These golf packages have many comfortable accommodation options for you to choose from, including top hotels and inns in the state. You should also consider the hotel’s location as it should be convenient for you to reach the best golf courses.

  • Look out for the best local amenities – When you are paying a visit and playing, you might as well consider tasting the best foods that Michigan has to offer. Apart from that, there are always events happening throughout the year that you might as well enjoy.

For example, the Isabella County Fair in July, Central Michigan University International Film Festival, Shepherd’s Maple Syrup Festival, and others. Do some research before you visit to know about live music shows or other events at local venues around your resort.

  • Explore other entertainment options – Michigan has much more to offer to you than just golf courses. You might enjoy different activities while not playing golf, such as kayaking or fishing excursion Chippewa river, or enjoy the natural riverfront views at Deerfield Natural Park. 

Another local natural spot where you can go boating or fishing is Mill Pond Park. For the fun part, you might as well attend summer concert shows or a local art show at a cultural hub, mid-Michigan. 


We hope that these tips will be helpful when you plan for a stay and play golf holiday in Michigan. Lastly, we hope it becomes a fantastic holiday experience for you, filled with the best lodging and entertainment amenities.